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Check Trail Condition Updates for current trail status.

Sledding in the Town of  Athabasca

New Approved Snowmobile Route - Watch for new signage within town limits.

Please note that the routes through the downtown business district has been
cancelled due to increased development and the associated traffic that goes
with the new buildings. Please do NOT ride on the Riverfront walking paths
as carbide skags cut into the asphalt. The alleys between 49th street, 50th,
51st and 52nd are no longer allowed under the new plans. The access routes
are for services (food, lodging, fuel etc) only and not a way to drive
through the downtown core.  The compliance with the agreement
between ARR and the Town of Athabasca is a necessity and we need everyone's
co-operation to keep these privileges alive. We are fortunate to have what
we have and we don't want reckless and foolish behaviour to have the
privilege revoked. Please stick to the routes as outlined in red.

Snowmobiling is strictly prohibited on the Muskeg Creek Trails and the Athabasca Landing Trail.

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